Suyin Aerts
November 12, 2021


I think I can say I am resilient, maybe I was born like this or I became resilient because of the way I reacted and reflected on things happening throughout my life so far.

One of the things I learned is that my thoughts and feelings can play tricks on me in times of high stress. So I learned to accept I do not need to believe everything I think, I learn more and more not to rush in that impulsive reaction mode and I try to step back and observe myself before I decide what to do. I try to get my act together after I analyze the content of what is on my mind and heart.

It is not because I am resilient that I do not worry or that I am not vulnerable. But I do not accept that those fears sweep through all aspects of my life.  Even though the actress in me can become quit dramatic, sometimes it is just an act and not my feelings taking hostage of me.

I accept that I cannot control everything, like the weather or this stubborn pandemic. I also accept that we all have the right to see the world differently, I prefer putting my energy in other things than to preach to the converted or try to make certain people see, understand and accept my reality if they do not want to.

As an ex-dancer I see life as a dance. It is very often about moving to the emotional beat of whatever is happening at the time. And that means being able to experience and balance negative emotion with positive.

I also try to see and understand the big picture and I do not want to get stressed by unattractive scenarios of the future of the world, on the contrary I do everything I can to be inspiring and influence people with positivity.

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