Suyin Aerts
November 26, 2021


I think we all doubt from time to time. About many things, small things but also about life changing decisions we make. I am convinced that when we want to achieve a specific goal we can really do so, as long as we do not start doubting when we realize the ride to do something will not be as smooth as we hoped for.

Because achieving goals means a process, and this process will not be a linear one. You won’t succeed all the time, and failures are just learning things the hard way. At least that is my take-away after most project I did in my life. And that doesn’t mean I am not smart enough or not talented enough, but it is very often about how long are you willing to keep going to reach your goal. You will always need that tenacity to keep going.

And the funny thing is you never really know when you will reach that destination. But the reward when your reach a new destination is breathtaking, time after time.

I heard an interesting thought during a panel last week, about innovation and the fact that sometimes when you want to innovate in too many things at the same time you get lost. The advice of that person was to avoid what she called innovation fatigue and to learn how to focus to make an impact. I do agree with her insight. And I think it is the same with your goals, because you need a certain focus to be persistent.

It is in my opinion also wise to think about eventual risks but we need to remind ourselves we are not able to control everything. Sometimes beside the focus you also need to change perspective, stop looking at the things that make you feel down in not reaching your goal fast enough but also consider al the great things instead on your path to reach yet another new destination in life.

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