Suyin Aerts
December 3, 2021


I think we have a common misconception that attractiveness is only defined by someone’s looks. Isn’t it more the personality that defines whether you find someone attractive? Or let me put it this way, the idea of beauty isn’t one-dimensional, but instead has many different layers to it.

I think someone with fantastic looks is more attractive with a strong sense of self confidence. On top of that I feel that it’s one thing to be confident in your appearance, but it’s another thing to have confidence in all other aspects of your life too. When you show people you are capable of doing anything you set your mind to they might also find you attractive.

Positive vibes are attractive, let’s be honest. I do not say we should not have a bit of diplomacy but we should dare to express ourselves freely without worrying about what other people think and we should also be as much as possible consistent with our actions. Not meaning we cannot change ideas or feelings but we should understand why we changed ourselves before other people will accept the change.

We all have something special about ourselves, when we don’t act like everyone else, most people will find you fun to be around I think.

The mystery of a person mixed with honesty is very attractive.

But off course it is also true that beautiful people are attractive, and sometimes only to look at, but in a real life setting I prefer the mixture of outside and inside beauty. And when a photographer like Filip Naudts captures that spirit you get attractive and beautiful pictures of yourself.

Thanks Filip!

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