Suyin Aerts
December 10, 2021


Do we need to be confident about ourselves and about what we do?

I do think so and I also believe it is something we can learn. Making a conscious decision that I wanted to develop my confidence allowed me to take positive risks. It is something that got me out of my comfort zone and that helps me on the path to success. One of the important things is that you have to believe that you can master whatever skill you’re striving towards. Yes it helps when you are talented for something but it will not be enough to become successful, in a way it is understanding your own strength but also realize your weaknesses and work on the perfect balance between them.

We all make mistakes but the important thing is to learn from them. Going over the potential reason’s why something went wrong and find ways to fix it for the next time. So it is about using failures for your advantage, you need to be smart enough and courageous enough to aim higher and work harder to make it after a failure. And when you never make a mistake, you might be playing under your league. If it doesn’t frustrate you that should not be a problem but if you dream of a higher success, you need that confidence. It starts by recognizing that confidence is a skill you can learn. You set a goal and take small steps each day to work towards it. And once you reached that goal you move to another one.

Being around confident people will also give you a confidence and you will feel that when you are confident you will attract people that like your confidence and they hope you will be contagious. We can sense the level of confidence when people speak and in the way they behave. I like their excitement and energy, it motivates me to work hard and feel that same energy.

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