Suyin Aerts
December 17, 2021


Who are the people you respect the most?

For me it are people that stay themselves no matter the circumstances. Those people do not try to get my respect they just behave in a way that the only thing I can have is loads of respect for their actions and choices.

This brings me to the moments we lose respect for someone, as this is very often based on the moment we realize that someone actually is not the person they pretended to be. Sometimes it is promises people made and did not keep that make you doubt.

Unfortunately something like born manipulators also exist. Those people out there that are so good in giving us the feeling they are people we can trust, they are charming, seem honest but at the end of the day they turn out to be exactly the opposite.

I will always remember a story of a friend who lost everything in her live because she spend years with a men that cheated on her in so many ways.  I can tell you she was not the only one that made a huge mistake in trusting him. It is really terrible if you here this kind of stories and I do not want to imagine how someone that would not be so strong as this women would have been able to build up her life again.

But she luckily never lost her own pride and the warmth she is able to give and share with the people around her. I have a huge respect for this woman.

I think that we can say that highly respected people are also people that respect themselves first, when you treat those people poorly they will ignore you.

So my advice is when you want people to respect you drop the masks, they are useless, when people will see, hear and feel that you are only your authentic self, what you will gain is their respect.

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