Suyin Aerts
December 24, 2021


Since I was a very young child I loved reading. I dreamed about writing a book myself one day. After some years of blogging it was time for the real stuff. First I started talking to others about the fact I wanted to write a book. In spring of this strange covid year I decided to not do this trip with words on my own and we started discussing a collaboration with Murielle.

After a great workshop with Laurence we had a clear vision where to go and by the end of spring we had a first chapter ready and we made a pitch document to accompany our writings that we send to the editor. I am really happy that Niels Janssens from Lannoo Campus and I were in touch already for some years and he knew I had the dream of writing a book. I am also grateful for the help in the months before as Laurence Verwee, a writers coach, convinced me that what I wrote for some years and what I had to say was relevant. Without her I would have never dared to make this big move. My fantastic coach Kim agreed that a book was a good flag to plant for the rest of the career I have in mind for myself.

But when a “YES let’s do this together” dropped in my mailbox from the editor it was a surreal moment.

During the summer of 2021 a fantastic journey with my great co-writer Murielle Marie Ungricht started. After some intensive and productive months we created an inspirational book in which we explain why the world is ready for Multipassionate Creatives like we both are.

Based on our own experience as creative generalists and passionate entrepreneurs, we believe that creativity, an uncensored view of the world, an insatiable urge for knowledge and constantly gaining new experiences are indispensable components for successful entrepreneurship.

A very special Christmas present in my mailbox today : the layout of our book. I had to pinch myself to be sure I was not living a dream.

The book was written in Dutch and you can already pre-order the book.( we might also translate it in English)

I added a page on my website as from 22/2/2022 the release of the book I can call myself Author.

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