Suyin Aerts
January 7, 2022

Slippery when wet !

I am not the kind of person standing still and wondering “why me? “ when something not so nice happens. But I always take a moment to think whether the universe is trying to tell me something.

Does the universe talk to us anyway is maybe the first question I always ask myself. If success comes as a by -product of being happy and enjoying what you do in life as I wrote in my last blog of the year 2021. Then why does a shitty thing comes in between my plans, my good intentions for the year 2022?

Even though there are actually not so many things on that list, because I do not really believe in good intention lists but 2 intentions seem to be always on that list : I want to lose loads of weight and I want to get fitter than I am by taking more time to practice sport (I know I am quite fit already, but never, never, never enough as the song goes in the greatest showman, a song I love to sing by the way)

How come sometimes even if you feel really happy and having a great holiday, under an amazing sun, a bad thing does happen?

On the last day of my holiday I made a very stupid fall (the setting was less spectacular as the way I broke my hand last July)  “Slippery when wet” we all know the sign and I know when you get down in the cabin of a boat you should not only be careful but also very attentive, and not go to fast… I admit maybe I went to fast…it was slippery …and only a little bit wet….but enough to make me fall.

Knee down!

Or at least we have 3 games to play my knee and me.  I lost the first one with the medial knee ligament, It is torn, but hopefully not too much to be needing surgery. In some days I will see the outcome of the games I played with the cruciate ligaments and the meniscus…

I tend to believe that the universe is telling me that an even greater fulfillment is out there to be caught, a bigger success is waiting for me out there. The universe wants me to stand still for a while or at least slow down the pace,  to see the good things but it also wants me to be attentive for the risks.

The universe screamed twice this holiday actually, I will not tell the other idiot story (that turned out well)

First the universe whispered but in the boat it screamed: focus Suyin!

Let me tell you this: every real sports person is coming back stronger after an injury, at least in the mind. Maybe I am wrong but for now that is what I prefer to believe.

Happy New Year!

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