Suyin Aerts
January 14, 2022

The Rebels

Special day today, as you might know I wrote a first book which will be launched on 22 February, the only thing we had to receive still were some reactions from people that we gave a first glimpse on the book. I was really curious to see what they thought. I was also anxious because what if they did not like it? When the first reaction came in from someone that means a lot to me as a role model, I almost did not dare to open the mail. But when I opened it a smile appeared on my face.

Let’s now move to the next part, a small launch, as we cannot invite al the people in our network, if only I would have been 16 years old still I would not yet know so many fantastic people and I could invite them all.  From our own experience as creative generalists and passionate entrepreneurs,  we started this journey of writing a book together last spring and called ourselves “The Rebels” .

Funny as when I was 16, my first boyfriend already called me Rebel, some things are meant to be.

We believe that creativity, an uncensored view of the world, an insatiable thirst for knowledge and constantly gaining new experiences are indispensable components for us and parts of the reason why we are now successful entrepreneurs. Even though others sometimes make us feel like an unguided projectile unable to focus on an idea or project long enough to turn it into something successful.

Do you recognize this feeling when those around you call you an ambitious jack-of-all-trades, but doubt your perseverance. Too often you are asked to choose, and that's just where you get stuck. You want so badly to do your own thing, but how? In our book we convince you that you do not always have to choose. As we think that our world increasingly needs you, creative generalist !

I am really curious what people think about the style, look and feel of our book and what they will think about “the REBEL model” , five steps that give you the drive, insight and tools you need to finally jump into a bath of challenges as an entrepreneur.

When will I be happy with this book: when I can convince many people that they are fantastic just the way they are !

I suppose you agree with me that authentic leaders inspire above all by who they are!

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