Suyin Aerts
August 5, 2022

Comfort Zone

I do realize that I always go for the win, but I am very much aware that I also learn a lot when I lose. Always wanting to stand up when I fall, but never without a good lessons learned moment of reflection.

A lot of things I do, think and how I act still come from my life as a dancer As a dancer you are not only an athlete but also an artist. Two very interesting worlds to have been part of and very useful as an entrepreneur and interviewer nowadays.
I like to surround myself with people from whom I get energy, and I realize that sometimes means saying goodbye to those that suck too much of my energy. It is about giving and taking in a relation and if you are very honest with yourself some relations are one-way relations or better have become one way after a while. Because people evolve, you evolve, it is not easy but you sometimes have to say goodbye.

Balance is also something present in everything I do, or at least I look for a constant balance. As a dancer balance was literally very important, when you are on point and you are not able to keep your balance, no way you can dance with the desired technique. Afterwards when I got on a snowboard I had to learn another kind of balance. At first I was looking for the balance with the result I was standing still…you need to play with your weight on the board to speed and stop when needed. In a professional and personal life the balance is also very important. Some call it a work-life balance for me it is more a balance of energies. Finding the balance between our female and male energy.

The balance between ying and yang, stretch and release, speeding up and slowing down, active and reactive, listen and talk, grow and settle, give and take. Listen to your body, your heart and your soul.

And last, but not least dare to go out of your comfort zone, do something scary from time to time. Become and stay agile in the things you think and the things you do. It is good to have principles, but when they hold you back from growing you should be able to say goodbye to some of them and live with a new set of personal rules.

But do not stretch the comfort zone to fast, too much, too far, you might get hurt.

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