Suyin Aerts
August 19, 2022

Deciding not to be perfect

I suppose most of us agree that perfection is an illusion. What feels perfect to me might feel far from ok for someone else. As a dancer we are taught in ballet to always strive for perfection. In modern dance I remember we were pushed to ‘feel’ and make feelings visual through movement. The mix of both of these challenges was what I liked to do. Looking for that very personal perfection. The technique needs to be perfect, the feelings needed to be honest. 

The way of working towards perfection is still part of my everyday life. But more and more I start to realize it is maybe not so smart to look for perfection, maybe I am chasing an illusion

I am reading “Daring Greatly” from Bréné Brown at the moment. Some of the things the book is about is having the courage not to be perfect.

Very curious if after the end of the book I will still strive for my personal perfection metrict. A metric that will continue to change as I also change, I grow and I dare to dream greater dreams.

I do agree with what some say that the quest for perfection has killed many dreams. It might be dangerous to dream a perfect dream. The first thing to think about is whether it is really your own dream, or are you trying to play a character in someone else's perfect illusion?

If you are playing the leading role in your own movie, that is great, but we need to remind ourselves that this definition of perfection will change with time. Dare to talk about your dream to others and remember that the entire world will never agree on anything. Not everyone needs to like you or your dreams. When you accept that, you will have an easier time navigating life.

I do think that when you have a vision of perfection in the now, with your honest capabilities and feelings you will naturally attract people who are on the same wavelength as you. But be aware of those that want to play a role in your dream movie and make sure you cast the right one.

But hey, maybe after finishing Brené Brown’s book, my idea of perfection will become my imperfectly perfect metric, who knows. Maybe I will become courageous, at last, and stop trying to be perfect….

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