Suyin Aerts
August 26, 2022

The best spot in the beach bar

In the beginning of the week I decided to go back to the beach bar we went to during the weekend, where I spotted a lovely older couple having a drink and I was wondering what kind of life these people would have. I love watching people and often I like to listen to the conversations they have, and if I cannot hear them I imagine stories (as Sophie is doing in the end of my book by the way…) I imagined an artistic life with these 2. 

It was very hot and I decided to switch from where I was seated as I could not bear the heat of the material of the lounge seat on my skin. I took the place where I saw the older couple during the weekend, wondering what they would have been up to. While reading in my book, I heard a voice saying with some disappointment in the tone, “oh no Jan, our seat is taken” . It was that lovely couple, I recognised them immediately.. So I proposed them to move, so they could take their prefered spot in the sun.. They said no it is ok, but I could see their eyes, I could feel how badly they loved that spot. “We have been coming here the whole month, even when the bar is full this corner is always empty, this has been our place this summer. You have good taste picking this spot.”

I am not going to take that simple happiness away I thought so I moved just a seat further away and they were so grateful and surprised by the kindness. They offered me a drink but my glass of Chardonnay was still full so I said no. We had a small talk about where they came from and where I was living.

Later on people they knew arrived, another older couple looking happy. The curious me, yes indeed the one always present, just had to listen to their stories and I found out that the man was a music journalist, a famous one. Someone who lives in a beautiful house filled with art. He took the chance to stop working early after a successful career. He bought art and sold it, very expensive and famous pieces apparently. They travel the world. They spend winter under the sun. When I came home I checked his name and found out that I gave my nice spot in the sun to an iconic man and his lovely wife so they could talk about great things with their friends. They talked about moments in the ‘70 when I was born. When they were living a wild life, that's for sure. I could see that in the twinkling eyes. I enjoyed their simplicity, their love, their age and still that young spirit inside…

I think I might go back tomorrow and ask them if I may have a gin tonic(as that was what they were drinking) with them to get to know them and enjoy the last days with them on their favorite beach bar spot, that after all was mine as well. Maybe we have more in common.

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