Suyin Aerts
September 9, 2022


I do think the real peace of mind is when you have enough money and not too much so you never should worry about money anymore. The first one telling me this was a very successful entrepreneur (and ex boyfriend let me be honest). He was born in a poor family and at first he thought "I do not like to think about money so I need a lot! " But once his business became very successful, he started to worry about what to do with the money: start a new business, buy more houses, more cars, invest, …

He realized that it was not the money that was making him happy and it did not make him living a life without having to worry anymore, just because he had too much he said. He went too far in focussing on earning money without being sure that what he was doing made him happy.

He started worrying again, in a very different way than what made his mother anxious at the end of the month when he was younger, but he had to think about money again.

He hated to think about money.

I do have bills to pay (quite logical as an entrepreneur, you pay some, you get some paid) But nobody shouts at me to say: go out there and make money and save it!

If I could continue realizing in my life what I truly dream about (and I have so many dreams ahead and every day a new one pops up)

If I can always do a job that makes me feel “IKIGAI”:  I like it, I am good at it and it pays my dreams, then that would be a contract I sign with myself

( being a slasher what I do in 5 years from now might be different than what I do now, but that is completely fine)

If in our lives we are able to buy what we want to buy, eat healthy food, drink clean water, be in great places, live in a safe country, create a home that feels like home, visit places in the world and meet people of different cultures with different backgrounds and make that difference in people's lives, yes we might need money.  But the real result of your work is not the money you make, but how much love life made you feel. Enjoy every moment of the dream you are living.

The only thing I hope is that I can always continue creating value for this world that we are living in.  

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