Suyin Aerts
September 30, 2022

The better version

Being a better version of yourself will not happen after 1 night sleep. I try to focus on consistency and frequency, rather than intensity and allow new habits to slowly become a natural part of my being.

You can’t be a writer, if you don’t write. You can’t be a cook, if you never cook. You can’t be an athlete, if you never train.

So stop journaling about your perfect life and dreaming about your ideal world. Achieving goals is not exactly rocket science. It is about showing up with a focus on what you want to reach. So yes you can visualize it, but only looking at the perfect picture of you in 10 years from now is not going to make it happen. It is easy to talk about work but at the end of the day you need to get the work done.

The same as an athlete does, you need to have a goal to work to, maybe a game you want to win, maybe more weights you want to be able to lift, maybe a plank for a certain number of minutes, can be anything really.

As long as it looks impossible to reach when you start working on it. I have some challenges and dreams I want to realize and that I am working on, personal life, professional life and sport related. I remember some years ago I set a goal to be able to do 10 diamond push ups. Why ? Because my personal trainer said not so many women can do this. Stupid challenge, maybe, but I am that kind of person, tell me I can not do it, and you give me an extra challenge.

Push ups are hard to do, and yes harder on us women, and a diamond push up...not exactly a girl's best friend. But with the right focus they become easy. But as soon as you stop doing it you lose it again.

That’s how habits work, they tease you to fall back on the easy part of life.

So yes speak about your dreams, big and small, but then make them reality.

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