Suyin Aerts
November 11, 2022

Unwrap Yourself

Earlier this week I saw a very nice post from Andy Nijs, the man that helps to turn fears into courageous action. He wrote in a post on Linked in that if we encourage everyone to think outside the box, maybe it is the box that needs fixing?

Do we need to fix anything I was thinking, or should we realize that sometimes life is wrapping us because of the things we were taught and the things we have gone true in our lives?

Maybe we have been hiding some parts of ourselves, to feel safe or to get daddy’s approval or to make mom happy or to avoid uncomfortable feelings

But one day, mostly when you are an adult you realize you are not in a dress rehearsal, but this is the real show.

So the most important thing is to find the courage to start unwrapping ourselves again.

To unbox all the feelings and dreams that we left somewhere in a corner of the box we build around ourselves. 

Is it because we do not want to get hurt, because we are uncertain, because we think we do not have the right to be ambitious ?

Some feelings and behaviors are now only in a secret place in your own heart but they deserve to be shown to the world and the people around you.  We may push ourselves relentlessly to prove that we are worthy, worthy of attention and love.  Have you ever felt that you were trying to please everyone but yourself?

I did, but I think that the authentic self of each one of us is invincible. 

Today in Belgium it is national women’s day, what if we start believing that every woman deep inside has never been marred, never been hurt or harmed. Unfortunately this is not the truth, not for me and not for many women I know. But let’s stop complaining and let's find the courage to unwrap the gifts of your personhood, your true self.  What if we decide that we want to be all of ourself and to live life full out, would that journey not become a delightful treasure hunt. 

I decided some time ago to take that risk: live an authentic life, one step at a time I unwrap myself and I wish all women to do the same.

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