Suyin Aerts
December 23, 2022

The Unbosser

Last week I was hosting an event with a speaker who talked about her new journey as a CEO, becoming a company without bosses. How cool that sounds right?

It was an authentic presentation and one of the first things she did as a CEO was make a profile of herself showing her vulnerability, stating what kind of leader she wants to be, with her strengths and weaknesses. So people can hold her accountable and help her to become this leader. As the CEO started, the other people and team managers followed, sharing their profile in that vulnerable way. 

They started working on the company's new visions and mission, but as they are convinced that one can only remember a message when a message is made personal, that’s what they did. A brainstorming session followed, so every single person in the organization is able to explain to others the vision of the company. How you say it is not important as long as the message comes across. They also worked on goals and they found out that you need to have 1 clear goal, not many little goals. 

Some ground rules were set and are accepted by everyone. 

The decision making process also changed and went from reaching a consensus to becoming a consent.

The leadership became  a ‘leadership servant’ pyramid (the top down mentality turned upside down) and the team gets the final voice on the rewarding system.

To make decisions it is not about asking for permission to do something but to ask for forgiveness.

The lady that gave the keynote mentioned who inspired her and helped her in this journey.

It was a pleasure meeting him as well. What great energy and sparkling eyes !

On his website I read that it is time to “unboss” when you believe the foundations of your business model are under attack while your people have all it takes to make a shift happen.

Also when you want your people to thrive by bringing your organization’s purpose, vision, strategy and culture to life. 

When you believe that more agility, speed, innovation & intrapreneurship will benefit your people and, as a result, your customer’s satisfaction and your organization has become so complex on the inside that you can hardly follow changes on the outside, it is also to start the unbossing journey.

The last sentence on the website I would like to share is that when you believe that human connection is a prerequisite for sustainable business success, think about becoming an organization without bosses.

In my role as a moderator and host, I come in contact with many people, on stage and behind the scenes. And it is always nice when you meet the real changemakers and especially when you have the feeling they have the strength and drive to change the world. It is nice to meet people with the same craving I have to make the world a better place, even if the exact plan is not ready or shaped yet. 

Because real change will happen even without a plan, but with the agility to adapt to wild waters and make waves in silent waters.

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