Suyin Aerts
January 6, 2023

Sparkling Evolution

A new year has started. January is that month of the year to look ahead, to make some professional and some personal goals. I will dream bigger again this year than I did last year.

I remember the time I went for resolutions, this year I will go for evolution, from good to great. Whether I talk about my physical health, performances and look or my mental state. More than ever I will reflect on the things that make me different and unique. 

Overnight success does simply not exist, it is a path that doesn’t come with a roadmap.

We all have a vision for our perfect future and we all believe our story is the truth. Unless something interrupts your narrative and shakes you to the core, you stick with your story. In other words, it’s fact until you have a reason to doubt it. 

For this new year I decided to work with a great new team on my personal development. I have the feeling I share the same values and convictions with them and yes the sky is what we aim for. They will for sure help me to always ask myself what assumptions I am making, especially the ones I don’t know about.

I decided to picture myself in that challenging leading role of the heroic movie of my own life.

Every decision counts, innovation doesn't start by coincidence and I believe the future doesn’t just happen — we shape it every day.  

I decided to sparkle, be myself and inject my personality and passion in everything I do this year. 

Happy new year.

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