Suyin Aerts
January 20, 2023

Random Thoughts and Ideas

I wonder sometimes whether our random thoughts and ideas are really random. Or is it our heart and the universe talking to us. Where does the burning desire come from when you feel that positive emotion you want to do something? Is it something completely out of the blue or is it the flow of the universe guiding you towards what is best for you?

Maybe everything happens for a reason, the people you meet, the details you spot that nobody else seems to notice. The moments that you feel as if everything is very well synchronized, where you give the best energy possible to others and you are surrounded with good vibes and nice projects come on your path.

Do you also have that little voice talking to you warning you to not do something or encouraging you to do something.

Inspiration comes from everywhere, sometimes it comes popping up around the corner, when you least expect it to get inspired a message goes to your deeper self, your core and those unexpected moments sometimes even have a greater impact.

I have the feeling that you have to stay open minded all the time. With all your senses, because you might smell something, hear something, see someone.

We all know the saying: to be the right person at the right place at the right time. To become that person  you need to be able to feel you have arrived. Sometimes you think you are still on your way but you are there already. Sometimes you think you are there but you still have a way to walk towards that place, that we often call the flow.

All the experiences, the good ones and the bad ones we experience in our lives, shape us to be prepared when we get in the flow.

But being there doesn’t mean you will stay there forever, we need to be looking for the thoughts and ideas that ignite that fire within us. That passion.

So random ideas, do they really exist?

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