Suyin Aerts
January 27, 2023

Change Perspective

This week I have the feeling everybody is talking about Chat GPT. We are so predictable right? Journalists, bloggers, influencers, …

It made me think about the time I was dreaming about a car talking with me during long trips. I was in my mid twenties and obviously very proud with my driver’s license and the freedom to go everywhere at any time that suited me, never having a last train or bus to worry about anymore.

I am someone who thinks (and talks I know, sorry ) a lot and I wondered why nobody invented a tool yet that gives you the opportunity to share your thoughts when you are alone in your call?

I imagined myself talking with the prime minister,  Madonna, Baryshnikov,...

I was dreaming to become one day an amazing interviewer(loving Oprah Winfrey already) on stage and in front of cameras, on the radio,...podcasts did not yet exist.

So I played that role of’ the Oprah Winfrey of Europe’ in my car back then, imagining a guest, asking questions, but I always had to also play my guest answering as well. Which taught me for sure how important asking the right questions was to get the right answers. 

My personal motto in life actually.

I was imagining that if I invent this virtual person, that I could adapt depending on the conversation I would like to have in my car, she can become Ursula von der Leyen talking about Europe or Antoine Lambert(yes I love Emily in Paris and her men :-)) with whom I would obviously have a whole other kind of conversation.

We could use this virtual person in the car for fun, but I thought it would also help me to train myself as a moderator to ask the next “right” question after an answer from my virtual guest.

About 20 years later, Chat GPT is that kind of AI tool.

So I think we need to change the perspective in what we teach our youngsters, asking questions will more than ever become the most important thing to do.

We can get angry and scared with AI and Chat GPT. 

I could think, why am I writing a new book myself?  It will take me so much more time than when I would just ask Chat GPT the right questions, edit them and voilà there is a book…

I hear people talk about the danger that children will not learn to write anymore.

What if we try to think positive and see the positive things this tool can bring us?

I would be very happy if my phone would ring and the voice would say Hi this is Chat GPT how are you, do you want me to play Alfie for a moment?

Maybe I am too much into fiction that mixes with non-fiction but sometimes a good pinch of optimism will help us to make this world a better place.


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