Suyin Aerts
February 3, 2023


Bang, it has been a while, but there it was again that punch in the face!

Not my face, but my ego-s face.

Me and my ego, we have a special bonding. We have this love and hate relationship that you know from bad netflix series.

Sometimes I wonder if I need to take care of what my ego thinks and feels? 

What if  I just imagine my ego not to be part of myself?

Would my ego even exist if I did not exist?

Where does my ego get the oxygen to still be part of this world anyway!

What if my ego becomes my alter-ego?

An intimate and trusted friend.

Would that not be a step towards world peace?

I am a gemini after all, so that seems like a good idea.

So the question is why fight my ego if I can also trust my alter-ego.

My alter-ego had the feeling to get new oxygen and whispered in my ear: this is just right. Kick your ego out, so I can finally become your best friend.

My alter-ego also whispered in my ear : trust me your struggle with your schedule of the past weeks will be gone and you will be able to focus on what makes you happy. We will be able to engage together in a creative play, that makes us special, that makes us that duo that everybody will envy.

My ego raised his voice, yes it sounded like a male voice : but what will people say and think?

So I decided to call some real friends, no ego’s no alter-ego’s, just human beings.

I leave those two together they make a lovely couple, my ego and my alter-ego.

And I decided to become more me.

The person that gave me the uppercut yesterday actually also gave me an exquisite compliment: you have so many ego’s and you want all of them to be the best in class. I think I can make you shine, trust me. 

Isn’t that a better example of world peace?

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