Suyin Aerts
February 10, 2023


I was happy to be the guest again in a podcast today. We talked about many things but the main question of the podcast was creativity. Some people think creativity is something they cannot use or show in their professional life. Why are some people able to earn money with their creative part and others are afraid to show their creativity?

I am convinced we are all creative, in one way or another. When we come out with this creative part of ourselves this means we are open for positive and negative reactions

I believe this is part of the reason why people are afraid to show their creativity.

It means showing a vulnerable part of yourself, as you will get reactions. 

We might tend to think it is about possible negative feedback, however I think it is also the positive things people might share with us about our creative work that might scare us sometimes. 

We need to be aware that missing the reactions of people you expect a reaction from might hurt you.

I believe in planning, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of the creative process. 

I am convinced we should show our creative part and maybe we don’t need to have a plan or an expected outcome to get started on our creative work.

Jump and trust the process that you will learn by doing.

In the early stages of your creative work, you must be willing to look foolish and vulnerable. 

Believe in your first drafts, the sketches and the maquettes, the demo’s. 

See your work as a process, never permanently complete.

Thanks to the positive and negative feedback you will grow, you will become better in what you do, you will also find more joy.

So jump, be willing to embarrass yourself and to look silly.

Do not look for the best recipe: there is no right way to do creative work; the only wrong way is not to do anything.

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