Suyin Aerts
February 17, 2023

To blog or not to blog

It has been almost 5 years since I started blogging. At first it was because I wanted to have new content on my website on a regular basis. I actually never made a plan for what I would write about. As time went by I realized that putting words down on paper help me process the world and my role in it. Every week there is at least something or someone that caught my eye, touched my feelings and made me think.

I try to write about it in my own personal way. My writings became part of my personal brand, very often I have people talking about it when we meet.

It is funny as I was never so much a writing person but more a speaker, fond of asking questions.

Always curious and looking for a helicopter view and a bigger picture.

Sometimes I wonder if I should continue blogging after those 5 years, should I stop, should I change the concept or should I just continue sharing my view on things as I am doing now?

This content creation game is challenging, maybe being silent for a while is an idea? 

Hm Suyin and Silence…interesting thought. LOL

So I ask myself:

“What’s the worst that could happen if I stop blogging?” 

On the other hand :  

“What’s the best that could happen if I continue blogging?”

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