Suyin Aerts
February 24, 2023


Willpower is not about power, it is about consistency

Other people may help us to get motivated, but only discipline will do the real trick.

I have the feeling we are responsible for our own motivation, it is good to have coaches around us but the real change can only happen when you want the change to happen.

Consistency is not only important in what you do, but also in the way you think.

One of the big challenges is that the world around us is in constant change.

How can we stay connected to ourselves while adjusting creatively to changing conditions?

When you work with a team, when you raise children, rarely things go as they were planned.

How can you follow your personal plans but be agile to the environment?

First of all maybe we should not split the personal goals from the things we would like to reach on a professional level. I believe in the helicopter view of my life, always looking for the bigger picture, which is as simple as the 3 letter word: Why?

I think it is good to set some goals, it's good to find the motivation to reach the goals and gather a team around you that help you to be consistent in your decisions, that help you to challenge yourself, that help you to think out of the box, reach for the sky and dare to talk about your fears.

But we have to stay aware that we might become so focused on a very specific outcome in the future that we close ourselves off to who we are in the present

If you are not enjoying the path, you are missing out on the great moments of life. So we need to have the willpower to find a balance between the discipline we need to reach our goals but also have that peace of mind while enjoying every single moment. 

We can hope for things to happen but we should not expect things to happen just like that. 

One of the best ways to cultivate a more peaceful mind is to close the gap between what you want and what you’re actually doing. That’s willpower to me.

Maybe the most important thing to remember daily is to smile without a reason why.

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