Suyin Aerts
March 10, 2023


It was an excellent day, very full and inspiring. 

A new and exciting project got more concrete in the morning during a first brainstorm. I was invited by a dear friend to an AI lab in the afternoon and as a moderator I had the honor of asking questions to female species tonight. 

I do regret I had no time for sports and hardly saw my girls and husband today, but that’s not the regret I felt, that’s just a politically correct answer for my coaches and family.

What I did feel however for the first time is the regret that I did not go for the study of an engineer. 

Say what? 

During the presentation of the Head of Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning this afternoon, I felt a remorse that I am not (yet) able to make the recipe when we talk about AI dishes

Why would I need a recipe?

I never cook with recipes. I just prepare a dish based on my senses, trusting passion will do the trick. I like to eat so I can cook fearlessly is how I mostly feel.  Do not get me wrong I am not an extremely passionate cook. I am however an extremely efficient cook. It is never perfect, but perfection is boring anyway in my opinion. 

I think that’s my hate/love feeling with star restaurants: you pay for perfection but when it is perfect, I get bored easily.

But building AI tools based on passion would be too biased, let’s not start doing that.

I ask myself some questions. Let me share 2 of them.

Why are so many creative people scared of AI and more specifically of its mistakes?

What is more important in AI : diversity or creativity?

I wrote a book not so long ago about the difference between generalist and specialist.

I cannot (yet) prove mathematically whether we need specialists or generalists to write the best AI.

My gut feeling says they need to work together as I am convinced we need diverse teams(G+S) in any kind of business. 

I would love to prove that, besides the excellent memory, that makes Chat GPT stand out from other AI tools, as the professor mentioned, the real reason why Chat GPT is maybe speeding up the bright future of AI, is that it was created by a great combination of generalists and specialists.

So I regret I cannot start a PHD on this topic.

I hope you do not regret, I therefore decided to make it something to think about for you after reading this blog.

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