Suyin Aerts
April 21, 2023

Mr Agility & Miss Curiosity

It is great to be surrounded by people from whom I get energy. In order to have enough time in my agenda this means I have to say goodbye to those that suck energy. For me it is about giving and taking in a relationship and if you are very honest with yourself some relations are one-way relations or sometimes have become one way after a while, and that’s ok, because people evolve, you evolve. I do not say it is easy but you sometimes have to say goodbye.

Trying to find a balance is crucial for many things in life. It might even be a constant quest, as it is something on the move, it is not because you find a balance once that it will forever stay in balance for the rest of your life.

At a very young age, being a dancer, balance was ‘literally’ very important, when you are dancing, especially on point and you are not in balance, no way you can handle the choreography. 

By now  I figured that in life a lot is about balance, finding your balance, female and male energy coming together, yin and yang, stretching and release. Being able to run, act and think fast but then being able to slow down. Being active and reactive, listen and talk, grow and settle, give and take. 

Listen to your body, listen to your personal pace, your heart.

Even if I will probably forever go for the win in many things, I know how much I always learn a lot when I lose. And for now I was always able to stand up when I felt.

I hope I will continue to dare going out of my comfort zone, even when it feels scary.  I am just more aware now not to stretch my comfort zone too fast, too much, too far.

It is good to have principles, but when they hold you back from growing you should be able to say goodbye to some of them and live with a new set of personal rules. 

Mr Agility & Miss Curiosity, some of my good friends that I know I can always count on.

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