Suyin Aerts
May 5, 2023

The crave

Do you also sometimes crave for a good drink, nice food, great sport sessions, good talks, amazing sex? Does that also give you that great feeling, dopamine scientists say?

The same goes for me when I think of the word ‘curiosity’, I can have this craving for ‘the new, the unknown ‘

Maybe that is because I am what they call a multipotentiolite, a multipassionate.

And especially that ‘passion’ really fits me well, I could not imagine my life without passion.

As a curious person I was always eager to learn, anywhere, anytime and from anyone. A theory of curiosity says that if we are discouraged by something that is either too challenging or too easy, we must restore our desire to learn.

I once read that the degree of your craving for knowledge controls the strength of your memory? Curiosity is a force that pushes animals to act, just like hunger, thirst, the need for security, or the desire to reproduce. But it’s also part of what makes humans, as a species, unique in a way. Sometimes we are indeed craving more for knowledge than for chocolate. If you look for a present, do not buy me chocolates.

But being curious is also looking for novelty and surprise. Which means that you need to be aware of what you already know and what you do not yet know, right? Our brains get bored by seeing the same things over and over again, but let's be honest we also do not like things and people that are too novel and too surprising. It's also very good to have familiar things and people around you.

So my advice would be make sure your curiosity drives you towards fields that are simultaneously new and accessible.

At the end of the day we learn the most when it is just right.

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