Suyin Aerts
May 19, 2023

Suyin in Paris

Excitement is what I feel. Not because it is my first time in Paris, I was there quite recently for business, but because Paris means a lot to me. I will be there next week for a personal brand shoot, say what? Indeed that sounds amazing, I recently saw (read binge watched) Emily in Paris. It was about fashion, nice brands, luxury, art, relations, growing up, finding who you are, learning who you are not. Many things I like and are close to my heart. Maybe I did lose my heart a bit in fashion and luxury after all.

As you might know if you follow me for a while, I have this ‘weird’ but interesting career. I once was a dancer, even auditioned for “Jeune ballet de France “ (in Paris). My first relationship was with a man that was born and raised in Paris(and more specifically as a dancer at the Opera of Paris).

I was working as a lead cast for a TV series that had many ‘storylines’ that seem not important, just as you might wonder, is there any message in Emily in Paris, well yes there is. Being able to play a character like this is great, as you are able to make people think about ‘fiction’ but everything is always based upon real situations, let's be honest. 

I was working as a Sales Director for many fashion labels, but the biggest one was an international French label, and the first shops were: indeed in Paris. 

So going with my favorite personal brand photographer to Paris next week is special. Even more because I feel I will be myself in the picture, for those who follow me, I am done with playing a ‘most wanted’ version of myself and decided to play me. It is also a next step in my career, but you will see things happening soon.

I have also decided I might be open to playing’ a character’ again in a movie. I learned at a young age  that it’s best in  life to say: “never say never” 

I once said I will never go back to acting, but now I admit I almost crave for a good plot, a nice character to wear for a while.

Paris, if you can make it there you can make it anywhere, we all know that this sentence goes with New York normally, but sometimes it is important to realize why the name ‘rebel’ suits you well.

Paris, here I come!

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