Suyin Aerts
August 4, 2023

Intuition & Agility

As a trained project manager,  I very often think in projects : what is the scope, what is the timing, what about the costs, what is the desired quality, what about the risks and very important what human resources work on the project and how do we communicate with one another. Do we need to procure something and what are the risks to take into account?

I believe that the projects we work on nowadays asks us to be flexible and agile, as almost every project will have adaptations or changes on its way to the end.

Our society at large tells us very often what is OK to believe and what is not. Our families instill values in us and so do our teachers, coaches and mentors throughout our lives, I would even say that every person we interact with gives a piece of themselves and their values to us.

We should think twice before accepting everything we see, read and hear. We should be careful to follow the ideas of very influential people and we also need to think about the fact that we all influence a lot of people around us. Imagine how many thoughts & hearts of people you influence and you do not necessarily need to be a public person. 

The internet contains more and more of our collective knowledge. Much of this knowledge is valuable but we need to learn to filter "sense" from "nonsense". For that reason I believe we need to be able to learn to ask questions. Not just any question, but the right questions. If you look for something on the internet, why are you doing this? Think about it, not once, but twice.

I try to never ignore my own individuality, my personal experience and the intuitive judgment of my brain, heart and body on the things I read and experience.

I love the fact that I have the possibility to have my own logic, my own process of thinking, knowing and understanding the things I do and decisions I make, but beside my intuition I also value agility a lot.

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