Suyin Aerts
August 18, 2023


Fake it till you make it, should have some limits, especially in these times of social media, where it is so easy to fool people with a fake life.

Curiosity however should not have limits in my opinion. I have always been the curious kind and I try not to go look for confirmation on what I already know. I like to dive into every conversation with an open mind and I like it when people are able to show me new perspectives, share with me how they might look at things differently than I do.

I think that by realizing that all people do not see the world as it is but as they are will make us become more open minded and we will appreciate and value the differences between people more.

We should never be scared to ask questions, we should dare to ask people to explain things we do not understand. It is not because we then understand them that we need to start thinking as they do, but we should appreciate the fact they opened up to us and shared their opinion.

We all have a vision on how the world is today and I am convinced a vision should be flexible and what we believe might change over time because of the new people we meet, the situation we experience, what we read and so many other things.

The best person to challenge that vision is you, and when you accept that your curiosity will not only bring you a successful career, but also a happy life, you will want to stay curious forever.

Every day new discoveries and innovation pushes our world forward and makes our lives better

What if curiosity simply makes you smarter? What if curiosity makes you more emotional? What if the void can also be a place to find your own curious creativity?

I am convinced that real leaders stay curious forever.

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