Suyin Aerts
September 1, 2023

Improvising is better with a plan

Making a plan is more than throwing some tasks on a list and calling it a day. You need to understand your bigger picture. It is not only about planning the work but more important is getting the work done with an exquisite quality in mind. But what is the quality you want? I always think it over before I start making my plans. I always foresee some buffer time for unforeseen problems, but also for excellent opportunities.

In my work whether as a company owner or as a moderator, interviewer and host I am very dependent on the input I get from my team, my customers and other stakeholders. My planning for certain tasks needs to be based on other people’s agendas. For other more personal projects it only depends on myself and my motivation and the choices I make about what I want to realize, create and achieve.

I have had this habit to plan since I was younger, creating a plan that allows me to get everything done. Because my basic instinct told me at that young age that it was the only way to survive those years getting grades and training as a dancer, but also meeting friends, spending time with my family and of course having a boyfriend.

Things are different now, it is about running a family, running a company, preparing to run a half marathon in 6 weeks, working on different projects.

I feel more relaxed when I have a plan but I am very good at making necessary decisions that are not planned. It is always about finding the balance between a plan and improvisation.

That methodology is one of the things that makes me able to combine all the things I do nowadays, reaching  the deadlines for others and for myself. I do realize often that I still do things with the mindset of an ex-topsporter (you can always go faster and become better), I have to stop myself not to be too much of an overachiever

To avoid the feeling of overwhelm and stress, I like to have a productivity plan.

But I also adore improvising and cherish the moment, ideally with great people and their thoughts and answers to my questions.

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