Suyin Aerts
September 8, 2023


I honestly think the word mediocracy sounds nice. 

Funny how some words sound nice but the meaning is more pejorative than the sound of the word. I remember feeling mediocre before, as I was quite good at different things being young, so I believed I was probably mediocre.

It is not because you have a lot of potential that you are mediocre. Multipotentialite is a word I only heard some years ago.

Wikepedia says : “multipotentialite is a term coined by Emilie Wapnick to describe individuals with many interests and creative pursuits. We have many paths, and we pursue them all, either sequentially or simultaneously (or both). Although “multipotentialite” is a modern term, the idea of a person with many passions is not new”

It is not because you are having many potentials that you can not develop them in many skills.

I do believe that having the potential is not enough, being talented is good but you will always require determination, courage, and a willingness to face challenges to excel at everything that you do. 

The most important thing for me when I need to decide what potential I will develop is about following my own heart, and doing the thing I feel most passionate about.

I learned step by step not to only develop the talents people around me might have in mind for me or play the role they would like to see me in. 

I know by now that I need passion to be able to become more skilled in what I do.

If you are not willing to run the extra mile, mediocracy will show its face sooner or later.

Today’s world is much crueler, and almost unforgiving of missteps. Some bad life choices lead to psychological and economic disasters is what we read daily in newspapers and on social media. I do believe that nowadays for the youngsters it is probably more difficult to follow their dreams.

As parents, mentors and teachers we need to show them that it is ok to feel mediocre from time to time. You have to be good before you become great.

Me-dio-cracy maybe it is because I hear crazy :-)

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