Suyin Aerts
September 15, 2023


Most of the time when I write things it is within a certain given context and mostly also with a deadline given by the customer. My blog is a weekly personal text without any context, not even a real deadline, what would happen when I would not post? 

When there is no context, no framing, no barriers, you would maybe first think: easy. But think again when there is no plan, no rules, coming up with ideas is not always that easy. So you write about what matters, what matters to you, because that might have been very different from what matters to others during that week. When you blog and you keep your eyes open for what appears to be important to you, it gives you a whole new perspective. I do not walk around on a quest for an idea for a blogpost, what I mostly do is reflect on what happened during the week. It is funny how we forget, fast, and even faster if a lot was happening. It is as if we need to clear the disk of memories and emotions to be able to notice and feel new ones. I know that what I should do is write my ideas down during the week when I have (again) a great idea for a blogpost. You can guess that I say this because it is not yet a habit I have.

I know that sometimes on Wednesday I have this amazing topic in mind, but by Friday I have a hard time remembering what it was. And it was (again) something that would change the world! 

On moments like this I realize how much context matters, because I do not remember because my context is gone and my great idea is like a fish you saw but when you look again it is gone. It feels like an illusion. But you know it wasn’t. I can really sometimes get sad, because the storyline was that good. I remember it was great, but I forgot it because I did not take note.

Brains are funny, without context, changing the world sometimes seems useless. 

However, pulling things out of context is also very interesting. It creates creativity, curiosity, for things and people around you. 

Forget about context sometimes, take time to get bored, take a pen or sit behind your keyboard and believe in the flow. Believe in serendipity without context. I think that is what a great screenplay writer dares to do. Experiment with your thoughts. Just imagine, what if….

I think one day I need to write fiction

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