Suyin Aerts
October 20, 2023

Taking time

I had a very busy week with many events, so I heard many speakers sharing interesting ideas.

One speaker talked about time, how important it is to take the time, and how you have to learn to be patient for the outcomes of some projects as the success will not come overnight.

Patience is not my best skill, but I already learned that it is important to take time, make time in your agenda, because if you just wait until you have the time, the risk is you might blame time for not realizing your dreams.

Because one thing is for sure you will never find the time in between all the things you are already doing right now.

Are you lacking motivation? If you do, I guess you need to wait until you have motivation to accomplish what you want.

But you also need to understand that for new projects you do not always know what you will need.

It is in a way like leaving on a holiday, before you leave you will pack, mostly based upon what you plan to do during your holiday and you try to imagine what the weather will be like. But for some holidays in life you do not exactly know what you might need, so it is hard to get your luggage done. And who would like to live a life that is only based upon the weather anyway!

Well maybe if you want to realize a dream it is about imagining the dream and just go out there without your luggage, feeling confident you can probably get and buy what you need once you get there.

But one thing is for sure you cannot buy time, you can only take the time and spend your valuable time on projects that really matter to you.

Things that make you happy, that motivate you and that are passionate.

The speaker also said if you want to start with 1 new thing, you should take 2 other things out of your agenda.

So basically that also means learning to delegate and to say no from time to time.

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