Suyin Aerts
November 17, 2023


A long time ago, when I was in my last year of high school, I had a teacher for morals, who combined his job as a teacher with a job as a journalist. Reporting about the Gulf War. 

I was very much inspired by this young teacher and the way he shared about his job as a journalist, reporting on the truth. For a while I thought about studying journalism, but I was very good at math and we needed more girls in STEM so I was more driven that way.

With the war going on it makes me think about the choice I did not make, what would I have become if I would be a reporter, or working for a news channel as a journalist.

Did I make a mistake by going for topsport, ballet, a TV career, a fashion career, studying business and becoming an entrepreneur?

What if I would have been a reporter, making programs on TV, who could show the world what is happening, could my voice make a difference?

I always want to find out the truth in things. I have a hard time when I do not understand why people do the things they do. I am often perceived as too honest, too outspoken, bringing up things that might as well pass unnoticed. But I hate unfairness.

Whether it is about personal stories, whether in business or whether we talk about world peace.

I can then only wonder and hope to make a difference, by raising my voice more often. I really believe that if more female leaders stand up, without fear we might make a difference in this world that is to masculine and too much about dividing rather than about sharing.

It is not about finding a connection, it is about building a connection in your relationship with others.. Build rapport, build trust. Make sure in everything you do with others that you have added value, that the 2 of you make 3. 

Co-creating means to amplify. To create things that didn’t exist before you entered the relationship. To create things that can only exist because you met each other.

If we start believing this, might we be able to prevent war?

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