Suyin Aerts
December 29, 2023

Why another book?

As an author passionate about leadership and entrepreneurship, I'm excited to introduce my new book: "10 Quintessential Questions".

In a world inundated with information, I am convinced that the power of asking the right questions has emerged as a crucial skill that fuels innovation, fosters growth, and propels success.

I had the opportunity to talk to 21 people before the summer of 2023 as I believe that beside the right questions it is also about learning to listen and to craft every interview based upon the feelings that have been shared and the thoughts that people have.
In the book I want to ignite a paradigm shift in how we approach challenges, decisions, and opportunities. Through my years of experience as a leader and entrepreneur, I've discovered that the questions we ask ourselves and others often hold the key to unlocking solutions and driving meaningful progress.

Each chapter is designed to empower readers, challenging them to reframe their thinking patterns and embrace the power of inquiry. From reframing problems to fostering a culture of curiosity.
My goal is to ignite a transformational journey for my readers.
I want to encourage continuous learning, adaptability, and the courage to question the status quo, as I firmly believe that by honing the art of asking the right questions, individuals can carve a path towards success, innovation, and impactful leadership.

In today's tumultuous world, where conflicts and crises seem to dominate headlines, the pursuit of peace stands as a beacon. We need exceptional & visionary leaders to help us navigate complexities with wisdom and empathy. I believe that great leaders have the courage to ask the tough questions, challenge conventional wisdom, and steer societies towards cooperation and understanding.
I will continue to ask questions myself, the right questions that hopefully also help to pave the path to lasting harmony and progress.

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