Suyin Aerts
January 5, 2024

Elevator pitch

Not so long ago when I was signing books at an event (my first book about multipotentialite) somebody asked me a very good question: how can we best introduce ourselves as a generalist and when we combine things when we are at a networking event?

It is for sure that when you often go to network events you better think about how to introduce yourself when you meet new people.
For me the things changed when I finally recognised myself as a versatile problem-solver and a proud multipotentialite.

Most of the time I start by listening to what the other person is doing and what he or she is interested in, both professionally and personally. I will then adapt the highlights I share about my own.
I am someone with a diverse skill set, and I try to mention some of the different areas of my expertise.
It is crucial for me that people understand that I thrive on weaving together innovative solutions that bridge gaps and create unique perspectives.
My passion to consciously connect people to themselves and others has become a real mission and I succeed in doing this by asking questions, I try to make those questions the right questions.
After doing many things in life and being in very different professional environments I realize that it fueled my adaptability and allowed me to approach challenges with a multifaceted lens.
I believe that with generalists in your team you create that extra collaborating spirit and these multipassionate people bring a dynamic range of skills to the table for impactful results.

I believe that your pitch should emphasize adaptability, problem-solving abilities, and the value of having a wide array of skills without diluting your expertise in various areas.
If you do your elevator pitch well you will be able to position the multipotentialite as someone who brings a rich tapestry of skills to any situation, rather than someone lacking focus or direction.

So I wish all generalists to start this new year with a powerful pitch that is akin to setting the stage for success, as it will not only showcase your diverse talents but also demonstrates the invaluable ability to navigate various domains with finesse and purpose.

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