Suyin Aerts
January 12, 2024


As a moderator and interviewer passionate about meaningful discourse, I am excited about the possibilities that Belgium's EU Presidency brings. By posing pertinent questions, facilitating dialogues, and spotlighting initiatives, I am sure that we can collectively contribute to a Europe that embraces diversity, thrives on collaboration, and works tirelessly towards a future defined by peace and progress.

Great leadership is not just about making decisions; it's about asking the right questions to guide the way forward. As Belgium takes the helm, it's crucial to champion leadership that embodies empathy, inclusivity, and a commitment to fostering peace. There will be many discussions that can serve as platforms to highlight the significance of visionary leadership in shaping a more harmonious Europe. I believe that by asking probing questions during these discussions, we can shed light on programs, policies, and partnerships that drive social cohesion, address conflicts, and prioritize diplomacy.

As a moderator, I aim to facilitate discussions that address pressing concerns, promoting solutions-oriented approaches and fostering a sense of collective responsibility

And even though as a moderator you come as a neutral person around the table, I do believe that by choosing the right moderator organizations can cultivate an atmosphere of inclusivity and collaboration.

I understand the potency of asking the right questions to stimulate constructive conversations and by not fearing delving into critical issues through insightful inquiries, I think we can foster understanding, uncover common ground, and pave the way for sustainable peace initiatives.

I really hope that the EU Presidency will not just be about policies and procedures because it can also become an opportunity to catalyze discussions that transcend borders and ideologies.

Time will tell whether Belgium will assume this prestigious role of presiding over the European Union,will it mark a pivotal moment for fostering progress on a continental scale?

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