Suyin Aerts
January 19, 2024

Beyond the spotlight

I started my career as someone who navigated the stage as both a dancer and actress. I have been back on stage and in front of cameras for about 10 years now, but not to play a role, but to be myself, as a host, moderator, interviewer or something in between.
I feel that when you work in this world, the balance between talent and appearance is not always easy to find. I wonder sometimes if men feel the same.
Being in the spotlight is fantastic, or at least if you like it, from the moment the curtain rises to the final bow, the spotlight becomes a constant companion. As a performer, the pressure to deliver a flawless performance is ever-present. But intertwined with the applause is the silent search and pressure of how one looks, something for me that extends far beyond the stage.

The entertainment industry often places a significant emphasis on physical appearance. The struggle to harmonize artistic expression and authenticity with societal expectations of beauty can be both mentally and emotionally taxing.
And I realize very often that the one that is the hardest on how I look is myself.

In a world where every public appearance is subject to critique, the pressure to conform to conventional standards of beauty can be overwhelming sometimes.

The constant awareness that eyes are watching, inspecting not just the performance but also the performer, adds an extra layer of complexity to the journey when you are in the spotlight.

I do notice a growing movement within the industry that champions authenticity.

Embracing diverse body types, breaking away from stereotypes, and challenging the status quo are becoming integral parts of the conversation.

As a performer, finding strength and balance in one's unique identity is important. But for me it remains a challenge I must admit. Sometimes it is a dance between the words vulnerability and resilience.

As the spotlight continues to shine, the challenge lies in embracing the imperfections.

I do believe in a future where the spotlight becomes a space that celebrates not just flawless performances but the beautifully diverse tapestry of how people look, yes literally and figuratively challenging the status quo.

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