Suyin Aerts
January 26, 2024

A path to inclusive progress

Yesterday, I was at the book launch of a friend of mine who shares her own story through the eyes and feelings of a character, as this book, her second book, is a novel this time.

After an amazing performance as that is what the launch was, with parts out of the book put on stage as if it was a play, I could only feel her pain, what she had gone through as a highly competent woman in a world where she is still a minority.

I am looking forward to reading her book and at the same time I wonder, what is the path we will walk in the future towards a more inclusive world and society. In companies, school between groups of friends and even in families.

This week I also attended an alumni event of one of the business schools where I studied, that was all about AI. And I wonder as we navigate the intricate landscape of AI, can these advancements become a catalyst for progress in creating more inclusive societies?

What is for sure or at least in Europe I have the feeling we start to be aware how we should deal with possible biases when we train models.

I have the feeling that more and more people are aware we have to imagine what inclusivity should look like and what we need to be careful of.

I believe that maybe the evolution of AI presents a unique opportunity to advance diversity and inclusion in unprecedented ways. By addressing biases, fostering inclusive development practices, leveraging AI for accessibility, and promoting ethical considerations, we can harness the power of technology to build a more equitable and diverse future.

I hope that the role of women leaders in the future will become greater. Hopefully we do not fall back into a male dominated world as I believe we need a more collaborative, empathetic, and inclusive leadership style.

As more women ascend to leadership positions, there will be a broader representation of leadership styles, reflecting a diversity of approaches and perspectives.

So I can only be so proud of my friend that is brave enough to share her story, her quest her pain, that she has overcome and it only made her stronger.

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