Suyin Aerts
February 16, 2024


I was invited by Aniana who wrote a beautiful book that she gifted me 2 years ago. A book that touched me deeply. Aniana was asked to give a talk on Monday in the beautiful women’s club The Nine in Brussels.

The title of her talk was “Breaking free-Self Love as the key to bliss “, and she was the opening of a Love week (with Saint- Valentine on February 14th)

Aniana was able not only to give very good, sensitive and honest talk in which she talked about her journey from darkness to light, she was also able to touch many souls deeply in the room, including mine.

I was, however, more prepared than the other ladies in the room. As I read her book which talks about some very tough topics.
Human stories have very often some narratives that unfold with a blend of sorrow and strength.
Her talk was about her journey so far, navigating the complex terrain of suicide and early-onset Alzheimer's in her family.

In her talk, (as in her book) she is able with what I would call raw honesty to delve us into the profound impact that suicide had on her life. Through the vulnerability of her words, she invited us into a space where pain, grief, and healing came together. Her openness breaks down stigmas.

But her talk ends with her beautiful love story, she did not leave us with despair. Instead, she offers a prologue of hope, a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Through her talk she invites us to confront the shadows within our own lives, reminding us that, even in the darkest chapters, there exists the potential for illumination.

I invite you to read her book (in Dutch) as she is able to let us readers into her world, it's a celebration of her courage to transform pain into narrative, darkness into enlightenment.

I believe so much in asking the right questions, and the power of the answers, that it is the topic of my book that sees the light very soon, I trust that in every talk you have on stage, in front of cameras around a meeting table and even at your kitchen table we have an opportunity to create a shared spaces of vulnerability, and we are able to discover the strength to face life's most profound challenges.

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