Suyin Aerts
February 23, 2024

The birth of a book

Today, I want to share the symphony of emotions I had because I received little videos from my publisher from the printing of my book. As an ex dancer I still have something with rhythm and sometimes I even hear music in certain sounds. Observing the synchronized dance of the printing machines felt like witnessing the choreography of my narrative coming to life.

On that same day I received the first delivery of books for my different booklaunches that start as from next week.

It is something special the sight of the boxes stacked high, it made me think of what potential each and every book might have as it hopefully transports readers into the stories that unfold in the book. My own story but also that of all the people I was able to interview for this book.

Writing this book was a lot about overcoming doubts, embracing perseverance, and embracing the vulnerability of sharing my story. 

There's a specific aroma to freshly printed pages—a scent that encapsulates the promise of new beginnings in a way.  

It was great to see the cover design in real life and hold the book. To see that beautiful golden print of the cover, a symbol for the magic of the answers received from my interviewees, because pure gold is what they shared with me during our talks.

Gratitude is what I feel, how my dream became reality, to go out there, meet people, a diverse group of people, ask them questions, quintessential questions.

That first glimpse of the printed pages, the work of the whole team to make this happen is fantastic.

I hope I will be able to inspire many people with this book.

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