Suyin Aerts
March 1, 2024

Energy is giving and taking

When people wonder and ask me how I get the energy to do what I do and how to manage to navigate the currents of life, I think it is about many things but these three fundamental sources are important for sure.

Firstly, it's about the company we keep. Surround yourself with individuals who infuse you with energy, bid farewell to those who drain it. Relationships, like a dance, thrive on reciprocity. Some connections evolve into one-way streets, and in our honest moments, we must acknowledge this evolution. It's a challenging yet necessary act of saying goodbye, recognizing that growth sometimes demands letting go.

Then, there's the concept of balance, a principle deeply ingrained from my life as a dancer. On point, in dance, balance is non-negotiable. The same holds true in the broader dance of life. Finding equilibrium between opposites — female and male, yin and yang, activity and receptivity — is a perpetual journey. It's about listening to the subtle rhythms of your body, understanding the delicate dance between exertion and ease.

Lastly, the art of stepping beyond one's comfort zone emerges as a wellspring of energy. Agility in thought and action, coupled with a willingness to redefine personal principles, is the key. It's a delicate dance—push too hard, too fast, and you risk injury. Yet, without venturing beyond the familiar, growth remains stunted.

These insights, I've come to realize, echo the lessons of my life as a sportswoman. Pursuing victory is a worthy goal, but the most profound lessons often emerge from the defeats. Life, like sports, is a continual evolution. And in this dance with existence, learning to navigate the delicate interplay of energy, balance, and courage becomes the rhythm that propels us forward.

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