Suyin Aerts
March 15, 2024


Yesterday at an event I was hosting I heard a very nice keynote from Wim Wuyts. I loved this quote from Jules Goddard: “you don’t want to look back on your life and conclude that you complied”.

How much this is true, how much this resonates with the 9th questions in my book ‘10 Quintessential Questions’ about curiosity and staying a rebel.

Curiosity and compliance may seem like opposite ends of the spectrum, but I believe they also share a profound connection. At first glance, compliance may appear as adherence to rules, while curiosity thrives on exploration and questioning. 

However, it's through curiosity that we uncover the reasons behind regulations, understand their importance, and ultimately embrace compliance with a deeper sense of understanding and conviction. 

I think my quintessential journey has always been one where my curiosity also fueled my understanding.

I realize that you need a status quo to be able to challenge it. You cannot challenge it if you do not first try to understand the concept. 

Moreover, embracing curiosity often requires vulnerability—the willingness to challenge the status quo, to question existing norms, and to venture into the unknown. 

It's through this vulnerability that we open ourselves to new perspectives, insights, and possibilities. In doing so, we not only deepen our understanding of compliance but also contribute to its evolution, pushing boundaries, and driving positive change.

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