Suyin Aerts
June 7, 2024


I had a very interesting week again, new insights, new people. It made me think again about how important innovation and research is but also about how research needs to come back to the market, to society as fast as possible. How we need to continue aiming to stay ahead in Europe, which is definitely not an easy challenge. For small and medium-sized enterprises staying competitive means continuously innovating, and research plays a pivotal role in this process. What would happen when cutting-edge research is made accessible not just to large corporations but also to SMEs and the broader society?

The results can be transformative, particularly when we focus on the crucial element of talent. I believe the true potential of this research is unlocked when it is brought closer to SMEs. As a partner and owner of an SME, I think our type of enterprises often lack the resources to conduct extensive research independently, yet we might be more agile and adaptable than larger corporations which makes us the perfect partners for innovation. I believe that at the ground of this collaboration lies talent, every project falls or stands with the people, the talent and the way they communicate amongst each other. Young researchers and professionals bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas that can drive progress.

By integrating research into the fabric of SMEs, we provide these talented individuals with real-world challenges. I believe it is a great way to inspire creativity and create a more sustainable ecosystem and a viable world we all dream of. Let’s remember that the true value of research lies not just in its discovery but in its application. By bridging the gap between research and industry, and by nurturing the talent that will lead the way, we can create a more prosperous and equitable world.

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