Suyin Aerts
July 5, 2024


It is not easy but I believe we can evolve a lot if we are able to really embrace the fact that there is a silver lining in criticism. Even though I know it can highlight blind spots we were unaware of, pushing us out of our comfort zones and driving personal and professional growth, I admit that embracing criticism has never been easy for me.

I think criticism will always be a part of our lives, it can come from bosses, colleagues, friends, family, or even from strangers. No matter the source, criticism has a way of shaking our confidence and making us doubt ourselves. For me it often triggers a range of emotions: defensiveness, embarrassment, anger, and self-doubt. It feels as if it is an attack on our self-worth.
Luckily I have learned by experience more and more how important it is to acknowledge these feelings rather than suppress them, as they are the first step in understanding how criticism affects us.
I believe that before reacting to criticism it is best to consider its source. Is it coming from someone with expertise or is it from someone who may not fully understand the context or has ulterior motives?

Constructive criticism from a trusted source is valuable, whereas unfounded criticism from others might be best taken with a grain of salt. By learning to handle criticism constructively, we can transform it from a daunting experience into a powerful tool for growth.

The next time you face criticism, remember to pause, reflect, and seek the lessons it offers.

With the right mindset, criticism can become an invaluable ally on your journey to self-improvement and success.

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