What about the present?

Strong Women should just simply stand up, without fear, go for the change in today’s society.

A society where disruption is behind every corner, we should see this as an advantage and trust in the digital transformation as an opportunity.

Strong Women honestly open their network to others, not because they expect something in return, but just to share, to grow and help others grow.

I am able to structure my ideas and those of others, make them think outside of the box, be creative stay agile.

Why is this important to me?

As a trained Project Manager I believe every project stands or falls with the people on the project and the way they communicate with each other as stakeholders.

Host events, moderate debates, prepare and present TV shows and using the languages I actively speak and those I understand makes me a valuable chain to bring you and your business to a higher and more professional level.

What I want to do in the future.

I want to help others to air their views.

My background as a dancer, actress, entrepreneur helps me to be clear in the communication of my own vision.

My fast adaptation skills and helicopter view on business makes it possible for me to get fascinated with your business and translate your ideas to your audience or to help you to communicate better and more efficient yourself.

My curiosity in people , their dreams, their choices, their fears makes me ask the right questions so we go for extra value.