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Since I was a very young child I loved reading and dreamed about writing a book myself one day. After some years of blogging it was time for the real stuff, a book was born on 22/02/2022, the second one followed on 29/02/2024.

Book 2 - summer of 2023

10 Quintessential Questions

During the summer of 2023, the itch to write another book returned. The inspiration for the book started with a conversation between myself and a little girl. That little girl was me, my inner child, asking me questions, showing me a mirror so I can see who I’ve become. I have always been very curious and my mission is to consciously connect people to themselves and others and I succeed in doing this by asking questions, the right questions. For this book I interviewed authentic and passionate people from around the world. I believe that if you want to be a good leader, interviewer, entrepreneur or strong person, it is important to ask the right questions.

In February 2024, ‘10 Quintessential Questions’ was published by LannooCampus in English.

You can order my book here or mail me to buy a signed copy.

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We are all the leaders of our own life ! Take your personal leadership journey to the next level with these 10 key questions and gain insights from 21 inspiring individuals. Explore success, vulnerability and passion and experience the art of asking the right questions and even more importantly the power of the answers.

Book 1 - summer of 2021

Tijd voor de creatieve generalist!

During the summer of 2021 I started a fantastic journey writing a first book. After some intensive and productive months, the book was published by LannooCampus in Spring 2022. I believe that creativity, an uncensored view of the world, an insatiable urge for knowledge and constantly gaining new experiences are great components for successful entrepreneurship. An inclusive & innovative world needs more than only specialists. Creative generalists can help you to connect the dots. Authentic leaders inspire above all by who they are!

The book was written in Dutch and you can order it here or mail me to buy a signed copy.

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