What I think

What I think

For years now I said to myself I should start airing my thoughts in order to #airmyviews. And today I finally decided to get started. Because you only live once, because the only person you can change is yourself and because strong women should just simply stand up without fear and go for the change in today’s society. I hope to inspire you to also speak up and live your dreams.


I like goals and in a way I need a goal from time to time to get my focus again. But a goal is something that goes away once you hit it. Right? So true motivation shouldn’t come from your goals alone.I see many people spending a lot of time on optimizing their strategy, and maybe not … Continue reading Goals

An image

One of the quotes we use very often in our business ( I run and own a company called X-Treme Creations) is that an image says more than a thousand words. And that is something that I am very sure of. We should not underestimate the image we project of ourselves, both online and offline. … Continue reading An image

Craft ….

Can we craft our ideal existence? What is for sure is that we can systematically collect data about ourselves so we are able to have the possibility of making informed decisions about what to do to be happy. Last year was a lot about this for me, learning new things about myself based on data that … Continue reading Craft ….