What I think

What I think

For years now I said to myself I should start airing my thoughts in order to #airmyviews. And today I finally decided to get started. Because you only live once, because the only person you can change is yourself and because strong women should just simply stand up without fear and go for the change in today’s society. I hope to inspire you to also speak up and live your dreams.


Today I share the press release of earlier this week. -scroll down for french- Start persbericht Eerste Belgische op ramkoers voor internationale WinTrade Awards in Londen Zaakvoerster en presentatrice #Suyin Aerts (45) topfavoriete Vrijdagavond 28 juni 2019 worden in het Park Plaza Hotel in Londen de prestigieuze WinTrade Awards uitgereikt. Deze jaarlijkse ‘Oscars’ voor vrouwelijke … Continue reading PRESS RELEASE


I realize that I have always been the curious kind. Looking at things differently, with an open mind & from new perspectives. I also dare to ask people to explain me things, if talk talk about something I do not know. Funny situation when the people using the buzz words are incapabele to explain you. … Continue reading Curiosity