Are you organizing an event and you need an MC that blends in as if you were on stage yourself?
Are you organizing a debate, a panel discussion and you want someone to ask the right questions to bring the best out of your diverse panel?
Are you looking for a presenter that brings sophisticated girl power, humour, to the point remarks and brains on stage?
Are you looking for a moderator with a large network and a general and very broad knowledge on doing business?

Are you looking for an inspiring female keynote speaker?

I am convinced I might be your match!
Get in touch and let’s talk about WHY you are organizing your event and WHAT you want to accomplish.
So we can find out together what extra value I can bring to you and your event
Maybe I can help you with the preparation, the marketing and PR of your event and eventually I can also help you finding the right people to create the right energy on your stage.
Getting prepared but be in the moment is my motto for every event I do as an interviewer, MC, Moderator, Presenter or Keynote speaker.

But also know that my hours of camera experience can also help you on the video’s you want to make, host webinars,…

Feel free to contact me via this contact form and I will get back to you within 48 hours.

If you write me, feel free to choose whatever language you are comfortable in: English, Nederlands, Français, Castellano, Deutsch…

But do not write in Chinese, as beside my first name I have no Chinese ancestors.