What made me like this?

Hard work, perseverance, open mind, eager to learn, flexible, great network, honesty, communicative, sportive, never give up, you only have one health, becoming a mother,… are some of the experiences and skills that made me who I am today.


What I did in the past

After a career as a professional ballet dancer and a job as an actrice & presenter for Belgian Television and some years in the Fashion Industry, I decided to continue my a-typical walk of life with my partner by joining him in his company X-Treme.

X-Treme Creations is your speaking-partner for the design, production and realization of your visual marketing material for multiple projects

In our business there are no limits to our imagination and little restrictions to our products. We can realize our clients imaginations!

In 2012 I  was awarded with the Talent Award of Women in Marketing and Communication in the Netherlands.

In 2016 I won the award of networker of the year at VOKA, chamber of commerce in Belgium.

With a Master in Industrial Business Policy, different Marketing classes (like Blue Ocean Strategy) and a degree in International Trade at the International Chamber of Commerce, I stay eager to keep on broadening my vision and knowledge, grow and this by staying creative and innovative at all times


I am very interested in the Digital Transformation and Disruption.

My typical management style stands for intrapreneurship within my teams.

I love helping others to dare to go for their own talents, both personal and professional.

I am convinced that networking is part of the game.

Besides being in different business clubs myself, I am also the President of Artemis Brussels, a network for professionally active women in Brussels.

In 2016 , I started with the next episode of my career in the Media, working for television in French and Dutch, I also host events and moderate debates.

For this my diverse career in Belgium and abroad, my communication skills in different languages and my  experience as a female entrepreneur are the reason why I want to bring my heart, head and smile to the business, events and in journalism.