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Mathieu Maes

For the first edition of the #CustomsProAward, we needed someone special to host and moderate the ceremony. Special because first, customs affairs and trade compliance can be a rather austere area – it is a domain of expertise, technical and precise. One must be really careful not to say something untrue. Second was our target audience not per se the most extrovert one. While those people who work in customs affairs and trade compliance have very special skills and knowledge, let’s says that public relations and eloquence is not a prerequisite like in some other departments. The host and moderator of the ceremony had to make them feel at ease, maybe friendly drive them a little bit beyond their comfort zone… Third and finally, because this is Belgium, we needed someone who would not only perfectly speak Dutch, French and English, but would also personify “agnostically” the values and sympathies of our Country and each and all of its Regions. Suyin accepted the mission and did it splendidly, putting her wit, discernment and emotional intelligence at the service of our guests. Thanks again Suyin!

Mathieu Maes
  — Executive Director @ ICC Belgium
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